Womens Safety


Velammal Nexus makes it a social responsibility for every employee including Teaching and Non-Teaching staff, Studentswho are connected with the organization to ensure a safe and conducive environment.
It is our foremost duty to abide by professional ethics and moral standards in the way of communication and treating all students and employees with utmost empathy.
Eventually, if any one perpetrates verbal or physical harassment it will be dealt with severity. If any one has been subjected to such harassment do reach us by submitting your complaint to the under said authorities. You can also mail us which will be absolutely confidential


Sexual Harassment Complaints Committee comprises of the following members:

  • JAYANTHI RAJAGOPALAN, Academic Director
  • SHYMALA SUBBU, Senior Principal
  • SELVANAYAGI, Senior Principal
  • ANNIE PREETHA, Principal
  • SAMSHUNNISA, Principal
  • ANCY, Students Counsellor